Friday, July 16, 2010

Manolo who???


I am beginning to have a serious obsession with Trashion Fashion. I keep walking around my apartment looking at things I can redo or add some Kelby-flair too. I spotted these lime green shoes underneath my bed and knew that these HAD to be my next project. I slapped some teal paint on them (a few too many coats probably) and then added some of my favorite Martha Stewart glitter mixed with Modge Podge (my FAV) to keep the glitter on the shoe!

Side note--I've decided my life would be oh so boring without Martha Stewart glitter. Thank you Martha for bringing it into my life.

I do not feel like these shoes are quite complete....but I just love them so much and wanted to wear them to work today. I need to finish up a little bit on the trim and just make them look more polished. But you get the general idea.

Live it. Love it. Make it.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

what's in a bag?


In an effort to kill some time at work, I decided to clean out my purse. And then I decided to take a picture of it. And then the decision was made to blog about it. (I'm not saying these were great decisions...but decisions nonetheless).

So this is what's in my purse...
The latest InStyle magazine. InStyle brings much joy and inspiration to my life. Every time I open my mailbox and see a new issue, it's like Christmas. I just got the August issue this weekend and haven't event cracked it open yet. Looks like this is what I'll be doing on my lunch today.

My planner. Yes, I have an iPhone AND a Blackberry (for work). My iPhone is connected to my hand at all times. But yet, I have to have my planner too. There's just something about writing things down that I thoroughly enjoy. And if you were to open this bad boy, you would see that things are color-coded (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) and that even the littlest, most non-signficiant thing is written down. That's just how I roll...

Hairclip. For those of you who haven't seen me in awhile, I'm like freaking Rapunzel over here. Ok, I may be exaggerating a wee bit, but the hair is obscenely long...and I love it. But it's also 90 degrees everyday here in Nap-town, so homegirl has to put it up. Hence the bedazzled hairclip.

Lip Gloss. This is Mary Kay's Beach Bronze lip gloss and it's my absolute favorite for the summer. Dab a little foundation/cover-up on the lips first and then gloss it up! love it!

Checkbook. Yes. I still write checks (sometimes). I'm not ashamed to admit it. I embrace the fact that it's 2010 and I have a debit card...and I still write checks. What are you gonna do about it?

Coach Wristlet. My sister got me a badass wallet for Christmas (along with this purple purse but more on that later) and it broke over the weekend. So bummed. So now all my stuff is in this little Coach wristlet until I find a wallet I can't live without.

Camera. Life is funny and fast and full of memories. I always carry around my camera just in case something happens at the most inappropriate time and I need to catch it on "film" forever. And if you were to flip through the pictures saved on my camera, you would see that I still have pictures on there from Mardi Gras. 2009. Over a year and a half ago. Oops. I may want to start deleting pictures....

Black and White wristlet. My crazy talented sister made this for me last year and now it moonlights as my makeup holder. In it you will find: teal mascara, 2 tubes of regular mascara, three things of nail polish (including the Navy Baby that I'm currently rocking), coverup, five other things of lip gloss, a brow pencil, eyeliner, a mirror and of course...a Sharpie. I'm random. That's all I can say.

Marc Jacob Sunglasses. I have a fetish with sunglasses. I love them. The bigger, the better. These things take up like half of my face...and I don't even care.

The Purple Purse...aka The Doris. Like I said, my sister got me this purse last year for Christmas. I love purses...well, let's just be honest...I love any type of accessory. I love this purple because it goes with everything (for example, today I'm wearing white linen pants, a baby blue t-shirt with a gray cardigan and the purple still goes with it all!) Burg ordered it from the boutique she works at and it's literally called... The Doris. This is funny for a lot of reasons...most of which I'll just keep to myself.

Anyway...what's in your bag today?