Monday, March 28, 2011



It's just funny. God has such a sense of humor. (sense of humor...a way of knocking me right on my blonde booty...whatever.) I've been struggling with some things recently. Things that are completely and tremendously bigger than I am. And yet, I keep hanging on to them. Hanging on to the hope that I can fix them myself and make them go my way. The way I want them to go. Me. Me. Me. It's funny that I think things are all about me sometimes. Well lately, my dear Lord has been just beating me over the head with the word surrender. Surrender. Just simply give everything over to Him. Because while (some) things in my life are much bigger than me, my God is bigger than them. And then yesterday...the straw that broke the camel's back. Everything that I've been struggling with came to a head at church on Sunday. I sincerely love my church. So very much. And Gary starting talk about Rahab--who just happens to be one of my most very favorite stories from the Bible. And about breaking down the walls in our life. And the one word he kept using was... Surrender. Alright Big Guy...I get the point. Surrender. Surrender all of this to Him. The One who breathed life into my lungs wants to carry this burden for me. The One who sacrificed His most precious creation wants to fulfill the desires of my heart and lead me through this. And why am I so foolish to think that I don't need him? So I did. I surrendered it to My Most High. Now, this will be a daily...if not hourly surrender for me. I will constantly have to lift this up because I'm a total Type A and like to do things myself. But my God knows that about me. And loves me in spite of my craziness. I'll stand. With arms high and heart abandoned. In awe of the One who gave it all. I'll stand. My soul Lord to your surrendered.

All I am is yours.


smells like roses.


I went through my closet a few weeks ago (mainly to make room for all the new clothes I've been buying lately. What? I have a shopping addiciton.) And I pulled these collared shirts out of my closet and stared at them awhile.

You see, I used to wear shirts like these for work thinking they were more "professional". But they just look like crap on me. So my "professional" wardrobe has been revamped and I have no need for shirts like these
(why wear this under a suit, when you can wear a fun cami instead...but that's an entirely different blog post).

But these shirts are made out of some quality fabric. So why send them to Goodwill, when I can give them new life as something else? Call this Kelbys Shirt Re-Incarnation. (original title, I know).

 Look at what I did!!!!!!!!

Who doesn't LOVE flowers?!?! They look great on absolutely anything! I've been putting these on earwarmers and baby hats (and red rose lamps)
 They are so pretty and the perfect way to refashion your old clothes!!!


the couple Perry.


(side note--this is actually posted by Kelby. she forgot she was logged in as Burgess. oops).
Remember this boy?

Well this boy has a younger sister (well several actually). And one of them got married this weekend. And it was such a beautiful wedding and a fun reception!

Ya'll know that I love to give original gifts...especially one-of-a-kind Kelby creations. So that's exactly what I did for my sweet Sam (and her cute hubs Josh).

It's funny where you get your inspiration. This came as I was just wondering around Goodwill (sometimes, I just need a good Goodwill fix in my life).

I found this old textbook. And the pages had a classicy vintage weathered look to them.
 And the poems that were in here where by some of my most favorite poets: Keats and Tennyson.

Romantic poems. I can think of nothing else that is more perfect for a wedding gift.
 So I got to work. And this is what I came up with. And I'm 100% in love with it (I hope Josh and Sam Perry are too!!)

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frills & frolic button

I LOVE linky parties!! It's such a fun way to showcase all of your projects to the craft-blogging-world (which is huge, by the way)! And, it's also a fun way to get showcased on someone else's blog and their followers!

The Hicks Girls were recently featured on Frills and Frolic for all of our freezer paper creations! Thanks Amanda for showcasing us!!! We appreciate it!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

daughters of the american revolution (?)


God love my sweet father. Seriously. My dad's the best...for numerous reasons, but I'm only going to highlight one today.

My dad recently joined Who knew what a treasure he'd uncover!!! It's been so fascinating learning about my family. I mean, you can't know where you're going until you know where you've been...and I LOVE learning about my family's history.

Things I've learned so far (keep in mind...Dad has only traced his side of the family. He hasn't even started on my Mom's yet. So hopefully, there will be more surprises in store!):
  • Dad traced us back to 1030 in England. WHAT???? That means, we were around during the Crusades.
  • Because of this (and additional research Dad has done), we are deducting that we were some sort of nobility during our life in England. Why do we think this? Because we have traceable lineage. Peasants wouldn't have and didn't trace their families. And two, we have ancestors who are (blank) of (somewhere) (i.e. Elizabeth of Berkshire). We're nobles! (do you think this could get me an invite to the Royal Wedding next month??!?!)
  • My parents met in the Army. My Granddaddy was a WWII vet. My Poppie served in the Navy in the Korean War. We are a military ancestors too!
  • My dad found service records from the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War. In fact, one of my ancestors was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War and was given 6,000 acres of land in Virginia as a reward (we are also deducting that we were probably slave owners because of this fact.).
  • My Poppie's great-grandpa was in the last gun duel ever in Tennessee....and lost. Again, not a proud moment...but it's history.
  • I'm related to Jesse James, Dolly Madison and Thomas Jefferson (but who's not related to Thomas Jefferson).
  • We came to America in the 1600's. I love this fact because I love the fact that my family were settlers. Very early settlers. We originated in Virginia and North Carolina.
  • We also know that there were ship captains/owners in our family from England. I'm wondering if that's how we got to America...on one of our own ships.

    I cannot wait to find out what Dad learns about my Mom's side of the family! It's so exciting to know where we've come from.

    And because of my ancestors who served and fought in the Revolutionary War, I am looking into joining the Daughters of the American Revolution! How exciting is that!!!!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

BGB's red rose lamp


So, Sister had her sweet little babe a few weeks ago. BGB was three weeks early but she's super perfect and amazingly sweet. We just love her!! (more on her later)

Sooo, I have been LOVING all of these crafty girly projects. After just having Big Dub in the family, we were due for some girly-ness. One of my first projects for BGB (Baby Girl Brown, in case you were wondering) was to make her a lamp for her room. Sister decided just to use the same bedding she had from Big Dub, which is all primary colors. With Dub's room, she played up the blue....but with BGB's room, she's playing up the red to make it more girly. And she's also did some Little Red Riding Hood embroidery. It looks SUPER cute!!

Well, I saw this lamp from Pottery Barn Kids (below) a while ago and fell in love with it...but not with the $150 price tag (HELLLOOOOOOOO, mark up!!) So I wanted to create something like this for BGB's room....but spend a lot less.

So I took this old lamp I had gotten from Ikea...and that I have no use for.

(don't you just love my zebra print couch. me too!!!)

Then I went to Hob Lob and got 3 yards of red broadcloth...and got to work.

The final project was.......

TA DA!!!!

Don't you just love it!!?!?! Best part, it only cost me the fabric and a mini-can of white spray paint. I think $12 total! LOVE IT!

It looks so super cute in BGB's room. Totally girly. And I'm in love with all of the flowers!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

every princess needs an earwarmer...right??


If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love making things. More than that though, I love making pretty things for people to wear and giving them as gifts.

Since I am involved with the Indianapolis 500 Festival Princess Program, I decided that I wanted to make something for this fabulous 33 girls (and Queen Mother CoCo) to wear to some of their events. Yes, you read right...that means I would have to make 34 of whatever I decided to make.....and guess what? I gave myself two weeks to complete this project.

Well, since we live in Indiana...the weather in the Spring is ridiculously unpredictable. For example, it will by 47 degrees today and close to 70 on Thursday. The month of May is known for frigid temps at the beginning but will reach 80+ degrees by Memorial Day weekend.

With that in mind, I decided to whip up my easiest creation....ear warmers with giant (emphasis on the word GIANT) flowers. Each ear warmer takes me about 45 minutes to crochet, so I had to get to work and pronto!!!

With the help of my friend Devin (who just happened to be visiting the weekend I needed to have these done....sorry D! I'm sure its not what you had in mind for fun...but I appreciate the help!), I was able to get all 34 of these earwarmers done just in the knick of time!!

I did 17 black with white flowers....
...and 17 white with black flowers. (FYI, the flowers were made out of broadcloth and my trusty hot-glue gun. And now I'm officially obsessed with these flowers. Just you wait...I have more projects that these are making an appearance on.)

The best part?? I have 33 gorgeous models walking around the state of Indiana in some of my creations! Love that!!


once a princess...always a princess


In January of 2003, I was given one of the biggest honors of my life...I was selected to be an Indianapolis 500 Festival Princess! Being a born and bred Hoosier, the Indianapolis 500 race is such an Indy tradition. I was so thrilled to be a part of that experience, to represent the 500 Festival and all of its activities, and to wear the Princess tiara and sash with pride! Through this program, I met my my best friend Ambra, and many other fantastic girls!

Eight years later, I am still heavily involved with the 500 Festival's Princess Program. I serve on the Princess committee and participate in many (many) of their activities. Honestly, I never would have guessed this opportunity would have given me the priviledge of being a part of one of the greatest sisterhoods ever! Once a Princess, always a Princess..and every year, I meet more and more past-Princesses (not former--because you never lose the crown!). In fact, Cat Sadler from E! News is a former Princess.

So a few weeks ago, the newest class of Princesses met for their orientation. Not going to lie...the 2011 Princesses are fantastic! They are so sweet and gorgeous and fabulous! It's going to be such a fun year!

The 33 Princesses (one for each driver) with the Princess Coordinator Co (or Queen Mother CoCo as I affectionately call her!)

Every year, past Princesses are paired with a current Princess to serve as their mentor and help them through the many months of outreaches and tiara-wearing events. This year I have the BEST Princess!! Her name is Ali and she goes to Purdue (my alma mater!)! The best part, I used to work with Ali's mom and specifically requested to be paired with this amazing girl.
(this is right after Ali received her sash and tiara)
I seriously cannot wait for the month of May!!


ruffled cardigan refashioned


Hello faithful readers!

Many many apologies for the tardiness in blog posts lately. There have been some exciting developments in the lives of the Hicks Girls lately...but more on that in a future post.

Mainly, I wanted to show you some of the projects I've been working on lately. First of my new favorite things in my wardrobe! This refashioned ruffled cardigan!!

Sister just moved from Lafayette to Evansville, and in the process she made some major donatiosn to Goodwill. Being the sweet and wonderful sister that she is, she allowed me first stabs at most of it and I grabbed some "treasures". The American Eagle cardigan and silk-flowered cami below were two such treasures!

Now, I'm not a simple cardigan I decided to jazz this one up a bit!

I cut up the camisole and ruffled it some of the pieces. I also took the zipper from the side and the lace from the top/bottom to make some flowers. Then I cut up an old white t-shirt to use as the base ruffle....and TA DA!!!

The final product....and I'm totally in love with this!!

(excuse the lighting of this "artsy" selfie)
Seriously, is this ruffled cardigan not one of the cutest things you've seen!?!?!?!

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