Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm like a bird. I'll only fly away.


I love feathers. Lots and lots of feathers. I wanna fly in the sky.
Wait, what?

Regardless, I do. I love me some feathers. Feather me right up. So I decided to take my new obsession (feathers) and make them wearable.

feather earrings!!!!!

I wore these red ones to work the other day--totally felt like a rockstar in them.


Friday, June 24, 2011

fleur de lis forever.


A few months back, Dad hopped onto and started tracing our family's lineage. Seriously, it's so fascinating.

From that, Big Sister Burgess and I decided to do a little research of our own, and we found our family's crest.

(Side note--the top of our crest says "C'est en bon heure" which is French for "All in good time." However, me....with my 8 years of French background (4 of those were at the collegiate level. Duh, you would think I'd be able to read en francais) thought that our family's crest said "Always a good time." Oh my gosh...not one of my finer moments. But I think it's fitting regardless!) :)

For the longest time, Sister and I have been contemplating getting sister tattoos. We each already have one (mine is on my right foot, her's on her back) and have wanted/needed another one. If you haven't noticed by now, my Sister and I are extremely close. We're best friends, confidants, trouble-makers, etc. Getting matching tattoos is something that we've really wanted to do--but we wanted to get something that truly represented both of us. This posed quite a challenge because we are both so very different. Our first idea was to get something with strawberries (long story--but our favorite toys growing up were anything Strawberry Shortcake related.) However, neither one of us were completely sold on getting a strawberry tat on our bodies.

Duh. Tattoos are case you were wondering.

So when we stumbled across the Hicks family crest....we knew we had our tattoo idea!!

Fleur de lis!!!!!!!

French has also been a part of our Sister relationship growing up. We both took French in high school and will randomly speak it to each other (our favorite phrase is "Quelle heure est-il?"). Plus, I have a {small} obsession with the city of New Orleans. Sister and I are going to Mardi Gras next February (YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been once...but Sister needs to experience it and we're going to go down and party with all my fantastic NOLA friends!! I can almost taste the beignets and bloody marys now!) If you ever been to the Crescent City, you'll know that the fleur de lis symbol is absolutely everywhere! In fact, the New Orleans Saints logo is the fleur de lis. It's the symbol of French royalty (and the Boy Scouts apparently).

So we decided to get a fleur de lis! Seriously, this was the best idea ever! I'm so obsessed with my tattoo and fleur de lis. Look how great they turned out!!!

Yes, they both hurt! Badly. But they are awesome.

And now The Hicks Girls have adopted the fleur de lis as our official mark! We love it. I'm so glad Big Sister Burgess and I decided to do this. We're sisters by birth...but best friends by choice. And now, tattoo buddies!!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

headband (with a side of ketchup)


hey guys are kids (at heart), right? Anywho....long time, no blog. Well that's going to change, my friends. We're back to blogging...with avegence!! (hopefully)

So what's been going on in The Hicks Girls world? Lots actually. Big Sister Burgess has moved (insert sad face here), had a beautiful baby girl, and is loving life being a mom of two fantastic, gorgeous, adorble kids. Little Sister Kelby has been on vacation, super busy with the 500 Festival Program and the Indy 500, working out religiously, and gearing up for the last summer of my twenties. (ahhhhhh!)

More on all that later. For about a new project?

It's no secret how much I {adore} accessories. And I'm slightly obsessed with headbands (think Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl) and feathers. So let's combine the two. And when you do, you get (what I'm calling) the "A Little Pink in Mexico" headband!!!! Don't you just love it?? This will soon be available on our Etsy site (

This is my new styrofoam head form. I think she needs a name and a personality. Hmmmm, maybe that will be our next Facebook contest. (P.S. have you "liked" us on Facebook yet?? The Hicks Girls. Do it. Do it now. You'll have a good day if you do. Pinky promise.)
It's amazing what a little broadcloth and my trust glue gun will get ya. Gosh, I'm in love with this headband. I wore it to work really punches up an outfit!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011



So yeah. Hmm. Well I've been neglecting the blog front for awhile. No real excuse honestly. I've just been super busy.

Well, that's a slight understatement.

Did you guys know that Indianapolis in May is down right crazy??? And when you're involved with the 500 Festival, it's absolutely insane?? is.

So that's my (lame) excuse.

I started off the month of May with my third half-marathon (13.1 miles)!!! The Mini-Marathon in Indy is the world's largest half-marathon, with over 35,000 participants! It was so great! We had fantastic weather and got to run on the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway (albeit, that was the longest 2 and 1/2 miles ever). But I ran the race with my bestie Mandy...and we even stopped to kiss the yard of bricks on the track.

I'm so thankful that she was my running partner. We had a great time, a great finish and great beers afterwards. Love you girl!!

Before the race...

and after.