Friday, August 19, 2011

let's hear it for the boys.


I've been told (by Big Sister Burg mainly...but I'm not naming any names...) that I need to start making some cute boy hats. Sorry. It's just more fun to make cutesy girl hats with massively giant flowers and such.

But I took her advice and started working on some boy hats. I have a few more that I need to post, but I think these will be a big seller in the fall!
(P.S. Only 35 more days until fall!!!)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

girls trip to florida.


because this year has been mildly crazy, I'm playing catch-up on blog posts. sorry. but enjoy.

Back in May, two of my best friends (Sarah and Mandy) and I headed down to Casey Key, Florida for a long and very much well-deserved weekend. Sarah owns a condo down there, and we just needed some girl time. It was completely blissful and completely relaxing and I did not want to leave. At all. One tiny bit.

this was pretty much my view for four days.
Every Saturday night, there's a drum circle at Nokomis beach. An actual drum circle. So of course we took our bottles of champagne and headed down for some drumming action.

This was also the day that horrible storms came through (hence all the wind) but us girls made the most out of it and went and saw Bridesmaids in Venice. Hilarious!!

morning ritual. coffee. walk on the beach. shell picking.

a good rotation is key to a good tan
(notice the peeps behind us. yeah they were the world's worst parents. one of them was preggo and chain-smoked the entire day. fabulous)

thank goodness for my iPad. between Pandora and the Kindle, we were set.

lunch at the Casey Key Fish House. delish.
last dinner at Pelican Alley. amazing food!

last dinner again.

photo shoot outside the condo.
and yes, we were mildly depressed to come home. actually, we were depressed. nothing mild about it.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 things to do when I'm 30.


The big 3-0 birthday is looming....only 17 days away (September 4th, in case you were wondering.) I'm actually looking forward to this birthday. For awhile, I was dreading turning 30...but then I realized that it will happen whether I want it to or not...might as well embrace it.

Plus as my sweet friend Laken pointed out....30 is the new 21. love it!!

In honor of turning the Flirty 30 (flirty..not dirty) I have decided to make this a year to remember. And because I lovelovelove lists, I've made a list of the 30 things I want to do in the 365 days that I'm 30. I like having goals...and these will be fun to check off the list. And yes, I'll keep ya'll posted on my progress!

Ready? Set. Go!

#1. become fluent in French. I took 8 years of this in high school/college. It's time I picked it back up and become fluent. oh la la.
#2. read the Bible cover to cover. I've never done this before. I need to.
#3. buy stock. While the market is tanking, I'm assuming stock is cheap, right? Plus, this makes me sound uber grown up and responsible.
#4. go to a wine tasting. I like wine. Why not go to a place where you pay to taste it?
#5. learn how to play the guitar. Good thing I know a rockstar.
#6. go to Mardi Gras (again!). February. NOLA. Be there.
#7. pay off the last of my debt. I'm so close...!!
#8. cook a new receipe every week. I will need guinea pigs.
#9. become a Zumba instructor. This is a new obsession of mine.
#10. walk on fire. hot coals, fire. whatever. But yes, I totes want to do this.
#11. go on a picnic in Crown Hill Cemetary. yes, I have a small obsession with cemetaries. I love them. I know its weird, but I love all the history that they have. I've heard that Crown Hill offers one of the best views of the city of Indianapolis. I want to go on a picnic here.
#12. read a new book every month.
#13. grow my business substantially.
It's time for me to take The Hicks Girls to a new level and really get serious about this endeavor. For the longest time, Burgess and I have talked about seriously going into business is as good a time as ever.
#14. have breakfast at Tiffany's. Let's do this Glee style--bagels outside of a Tiffany's store. I want to cross this off the list with Big Sister Burgess. (oh and P.S. I don't eat breakfast I see myself having a salad and a Starbucks!)
#15. buy something from Bendel's or Barney's. Just to say I've done it. And then frame the bag. So yes, a trip to NYC is in my future too.
#16. buy a Burberry trench or a pair of Louboutin's. seriously.
#17. go to dinner by myself. someplace nice. with a book. and wine.
#18. take a hot yoga class. I love yoga and have wanted to try a hot yoga class for awhile.
#19. go gluten-free for a week. This one may be the most challenging.

#20. have a full day at a spa. massages. facials. you name it. I want it.
#21. go to Disney World--and get all of the Princesses's autographs. ahh. yes. totes.
#22. see Cirque du Soliel perform (in Vegas). Go to Vegas is also on my let's just combine these two.
#23. go on a solo-weekend getaway. Complete with sun, wine and surf. :)
#24. plant a garden on my balcony. Not sure why I want to try this...but I do.
#25. learn how to sketch fashion designs. I'm a horrible draw-er--but this might be fun.
#26. learn how to play chess. because I don't know how. And the next time I'm in China, I want to buy a marble chess-set.
#27. run 2 marathons. Because one is not enough...apparently.

#28. write my book. Not a lot of people know this...but I've been working on one for awhile. I need to finish it.
#29. go on a random road trip. I really want to rent a Winnabego and drive someplace random like Mt. Rushmore or Arizona or some place. Who's with me?
#30. be featured in a publication. Whether it be for my career or my celebrity stalking skills (mug shot not required) or my crafting, I want to be featured in something.

here goes nothing....


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I heart Indiana.


Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few days, I'm sure you've heard about the tragedy at that struck the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night before the Sugarland concert.

Storms came through Indy late Saturday night...and with them a giant gust of wind (about 70mph) that caused the stage at the State Fair to collapse, killing 5 people and injurying more than 40 others. The pictures of what happened are horrifying. The video is even worse.

But what came out of that night are stories after stories of people, not running for their lives, but staying in the midst of tragedy to help out their fallen Hoosiers. The injured helping the injured. Rallying together to save those that could be saved. As Governor Daniels so eloquently put it, "There was a hero every 10 feet Saturday night."

I love living in Indiana. I love everything that Indianapolis is and every that the state stands for. But I have never been as proud to be a Hoosier as I was Saturday night. I'm so proud of this "Hoosier Hospitality" that we are known for--and was shown Saturday night. Truth be told, I could have been at the show. I was offered tickets that day and thankfully, I just didn't feel like going. I'm grateful for that decision, but it also makes me think....if I had be there, would I have fled, or stayed to help? I hope I would have stayed to help.

I heart Indiana.

Left My Heart in Indianapolis {source}

I heart Indiana {source}

Carrying Indiana With Me {source}

Racing Wheels & Rolling Fields (truth) {source}
Indiana Pillow {source}


Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Ok so I'm a girl that loveloveloves her heels. I love pumps, wedges, boots with massive heels, whatever. The taller the better I say. I loathe flats (unless they are flip flops and I'm at the pool). Seriously, I don't own any flats, except for flip flops.

Until recently.

Good ole Big Sister Burg lives in flats. She's the mom of two and is constantly chasing Big Dub around. But Big Sister Burgess is also super stylish and finds the cutest flats around!

If you've spent any time around the Hicks Girls, you know we have a deep, passionate love in our hearts for Nordstrom. Ahh. Nordstrom. It makes me happy (even though the one downtown Indy closed last month...lets not talk about it. I don't feel like crying today.) What makes us even happier??? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! ahhh. bliss.

Well Big Sister Burg found some awesome sparkly/glittery/shimmery Chuck Taylors at the Anniversary Sale. Since there is no Nordy's in Evansville, she ordered two pairs--trying to figure out the right size for her feet. One pair was too big.

Guess who got that pair???

ME! I officially own my first pair of super glam and super rock star Chuck Taylors!! I actually own flats!
It's the small things in life people.

Aren't these so fab??