Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Purdue vs. IU


hail hail to old Purdue! all hail to our gold and black!
hail hail to old Purdue! our friendship may she never lack!
ever grateful, ever true as we raise our song anew (Fire UP!)

all the days we spend with you, all hail our old Purdue!!

Ahh, I love my alma mater! I love everything about Purdue and I love all of the memories and friends I met during my 4 years there. Actually, both of us Hicks Girls and Big Sister Burg's hubby graduated from good ole Purdue! We are Boilermakers tried and true and love the gold and black!!

One of my most favorite things about fall is Purdue football games. If you've never experience a Big Ten football game....you're missing out. Add it to your bucket list. PRONTO!

Anywho, I decided I need some warm flair for all these fall football games I plan on going to this year. Woot. Woot. Here ya go!!! It's the suPURDUEper hat!!!

And (because I don't discriminate)....I had to make something for all the IU fans out there.
(even though IU barely has a football team. geez).

I also had to make some earwarmers! I can't wait for football games this fall so I can sport these around campus!

All of these items are available on our Etsy Site!


francesca loves her earwarmers!


the Americano With Milk headband earwarmer: $22.00

Love Defines Gravity headband earwarmer: $22

The Trifecta headband earwarmer: $22


are you ready for some football?!?!?!


have you heard???? The NFL lockout is over and the Indianapolis Colts are reporting to training camp THIS WEEKEND!!! YEAH!!!

We're a family who loveloveloves them some football! Growing up, Papa Hicks referred high school football games every Friday night. Us Hicks Girls grew up watching the Tennessee Vols darting around the field like flashes of orange. And then, we went to a Big 10 school...where football rules and the SEC drools. :)

Now we love us some Colts football--so I had to make some stuff for those tailgating Sunday's outside of Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Blue Pony headband earwarmer: $22

The Bump and Run Divine Hat: $25
The Divine Hat: free pattern by www.rheatheylia.com

The Free Agent Newsboy hat: $25



Thursday, July 21, 2011

the little sister I never had...


Do you guys remember Ali?? She is my sweet Princess that I was paired up with for all things 500 Festival related this year.

Ahh, let me back up...to all you new followers. I'm from the great state of Indiana--specifically Nap Town (Indianapolis) where we love all things racing, fast cars and Colts football. During my senior year of college (8 years ago...YIKES!) I was chosen to be a 500 Festival Princess....a title that I am still so honored and proud to have held. Now, I serve on the Princess Committee and my entire month of May is consumed with the Festival. And you know what...I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Back to Ali. Every year, past Princesses are paired with current Princesses to help mentor them through the crazy time of the 500 Festival. Ali was my sweet, drop-dead gorgeous Princess this year...and we had a blast!!

working the red carpet at the Snake Pit Ball...and then later at the Fantasy 500 Party!

in front of the Pagoda at the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Seriously, this girl makes my day!!

with one of the pace cars!

one of our many, many events!

another event!

at the top of Victory Circle after Dan Wheldon was declared the winner!

blonde bombers. forever.

Race Day!!!

I love this girl for many reasons--but mainly because she makes me feel relevant...which is weird, I know. Honestly, I never imagined how I would impact other people's lives. I always hoped I would in some way, but never really thought about how I would go about that. But through the Princess Program, I've learned that just being myself and loving on a group of college-aged women who are trying to find their place in this crazy and upside-down world is exactly where I belong. Ali and her fabulous Princess Posse (Queen Riley, Laken, Danielle and Christina) call me Big Sista Kelby and I love that! I love that these girls feel like they can call me or text me or Facebook me or whatever with their problems, their truimphs, their concerns, their joys....their life...and just share it with me. I treasure these ladies so much and it is for this reason that I am so eternally grateful for the Princess Program and the sisterhood it provides.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I LOVE linky parties! LOVELOVELOVE. Seriously. It's the perfect place to showcase some of your best work, and then to get ideas/see what other people out in the bloggity-blog world are working on.

I linked up to
Crafty Confessions yesterday....and my Anthro-Inspired bracelet was featured! So exciting!!! Check it out here.
Confessions of a Stay At Home Mommy


Friday, July 15, 2011

francesca models....a fabulous headband!


Introducing the "Those Lucky Irish" headband!

Love it!! I'm not a huge green-wearer (not sure if that's a word or a phrase...but let's go with it, shall we?) but I may start being one because I love this headband so much.


anthropologie inspired bracelets {working title}


I saw this tutorial over at Sew.Craft.Create. and KNEW I had to try it for myself.

So I did.

And then I add some Kelby flair.

And I'm obsessed with the final product.


I found that broadcloth works better than most fabrics. I think it's just easier to work with.
however, that is simply my opinion. which you didn't ask for...but I'm giving it to you anyways.

I think these look like something right out of Anthropologie...if I do say so myself!!


francesca models...earwarmers!


I do love me some earwarmer headbands. And so does Francesca...for two reasons: one...they are a great alternative to hats, but yet keep your ears warm during those cold, Indiana winter months. And two...I have long hair. Most of the time, I love to knot my hair up on the top of my head in a messy knot. Wellllll, you can't really wear hats with a giant messy knot on the top of your head.

Enter headband earwarmers. Love them. Love everything about them.

The Rolling Fields of Green headband earwarmer.

Ok Purdue fans...here's The Windsor headband earwarmer.
(and yes, The Windsor is named after the dorm I lived in before moving off-campus. yesyes, I was a Virgin Vaulter.)

The Americano With Milk headband earmer

Complete with vintage buttons!

All my earwarmers clasp behind your head with a button. They are stretchy and comfy. Oh and highly fashionable.

P.S. Don't forget that all of the flowers are removeable. :)