Sunday, October 30, 2011

boys hats! (finally)


I added some new merch to The Hicks Girls Etsy website today. And I added a plethora of boys hats!! Love all of them!

Every boy hat is $15.00 (except for the Newsboy one which is $17.00).

Who needs a Let's Hear It For The Boys hat??!??!?!? Perfect for all those little boys on your Christmas list! 


Friday, October 28, 2011

halloween fascinator, governa.


 A new Hicks Family Tradition is Breakfast with the Witches at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!! Big Dub loves it and we're so excited to take Baby Girl for the first time this year!
All of the kids dress up in Halloween costumes...but us Hicks Girls can't be upstaged by the chittlins! So Big Sister Burg had the BRILLIANT idea of making Witch Hat Fascinators for us to wear this year!!

Side note--Baby Girl is a witch for Halloween this year, so she'll be sporting one of these bad boys too! Can't wait to see her fat face!!
So I got out my trusty glue gun, some feathers, bling and tulle and went to work.

Ta Da!!!
Witches Hat Fascinator!!

What up Catherine Duchess of Cambridge?

Can't wait to see what Big Sister's looks like!! We'll do some Hicks Girls pictures for sure!


remembering one of the greats...


 On October 16th, the sport of open-wheel racing lost one of its greatest drivers. Dan Wheldon, the current reigning Indianapolis 500 winner, was killed in a horrific 15-car crash in Las Vegas. (If don't believe me in how bad the wreck was, Google it. I can't bring myself to watch it again.)

There is no doubting my love for the Indy Racing League and open-wheel racing. Ever since my Princess reign, I have had a soft spot in my heart for racing. With my continued work in the Princess Program, I've come to know some of the IRL drivers personally and truly feel connected to the sport. Ask any of the drivers...the Indy 500 is one of their favorite races and they spend the entire month of May hanging out in the 317. The Princesses are constantly at the track and get to spend an amazing amout of time with the drivers. We play a small, tiny part in this sport for this race and we love it!

the giant tribute to Dan at Conseco Fieldhouse

Dan's death was incredibly shocking. I felt sick to my stomach once I heard the news. My heart breaks for his wife Susie and his two little boys Oliver and Sebastian. Two boys who will never know their dad and what a fantastic guy he was. Dan was one of the few drivers who really understood what the Princess program was about. He would drop what he was doing to talk to fans and Princesses alike. He will truly be missed in this sport for years to come.

For Dan's memorial service this past Sunday, the Princesses did what we do best...put on our smiles and passed out programs. Talked about what a fabulous guy he was. Interacted with his fans. Told stories. Loved on Dan and his life and legacy.

The memorial services was fantasic. We laughed and cried and were even amazed with Garth Brooks came out to sing "The Dance". 

the flowers from the Princesses. the card read "Dan, you will always be the jewel in our crown." Truer words have never been spoken.
Our Queen Riley Hoffman being interviewed by WTHR-13 about her memories of Dan. He made her month of May incredible!
Dan, we will miss you but your legacy lives on...and will for years and years to come. Rest in Pease Danny Boy.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pinterest-spiration! perfect bridal shower present!


Pretty sure that Pinterest is the best thing that's ever been invented!
well besides tampons...TMI? Sorry.
Like any good ole crafter out there, I've been getting A TON of ideas from Pinterest. When I saw this card, I knew I had to re-create it somehow.
And then I got the perfect opportunity! Best Friend's brother is getting married this December to one of the most sweetest and most prettiest (yes, that's a word) girls ever! When Chelsea's bridal shower came up, I knew I had the perfect gift idea!!

Love Subway Art!

Ya'll know I love me some subway art. I do. I love it. It's so unique and so fun to make!
I did some online research and found some of the best couples throughout history. And Caleb and Chelsea are definitely two country kids, so I made sure to include Johnny & June and Tim & Faith. And like most Christians, their faith is rooted in the stories from the Old (and New) Testament so I included Ruth & Boaz, Adam & Eve and Sarah & Abraham.
My favorite part of this Love Subway Art are the couples listed directly above and directly below "chelsea and caleb". Both Chelsea and Caleb's parents are still married (a fact that puts them in the minority) and I wanted to highlight their parents love. Above Chelsea's name are her parents and below Caleb's are Momma and Papa Neier's names.
I had to leave the bridal shower early, so I wasn't around to see Chels's face when she opened it...but I think she liked it. And I loved making it!!

I signed the card..."may your love last the ages." And I have no doubt that it will.


squirt guns with Big Dub.


My nephew, Big Dub (Big Sister Burg's oldest child) is basically my whole world. Well, him and Baby Girl split my heart right down the middle. When Big Dub entered this world, we weren't really sure what to do with that little squirt.

You see....there are only Hicks Girls. Only. My dad is the oldest of four boys, and each boy had two daughters. (And after the four gap between me and our next oldest cousin Logan, all of the Hicks Girls are two years apart. My family is a statistical nightmare.)

We never had sweet little boys running around. In fact, I think this was a legit concern of Momma Hicks...what the crap to do with little boys??

Don't worry...Momma Hicks adapted. And she's the best GG ever!! Big Dub loveloveloves going to GG and Granddaddy's house. One of his most favorite things to do at GG's is...

I think this is mainly because Big Dub loves to "have a chase" with anyone anywhere. He constantly is trying to get Yankee, or Rankles, to chase him. And he loves "tickle chases" and "sword chases" and just any kind of chase!

When GG and Big Dub play squirt guns, she has a strict "No Shooting in the Face" policy. However, when Granddaddy comes out, he guns straight for the face and Big Dub LOVES it!!!

I can't wait until Baby Girl is big enough to play squirt guns with Big Dub. I love sitting on my parents's back porch and watching Dub run around like a crazy little kid! Melts my whole heart.


camp out with Big Dub and BGB.


A few weeks ago, I went down to Evansville to surprise Big Dub! I went down on a Thursday night and he didn't know I was coming until I rang the doorbell! It was super cute to see his reaction and his gasp when Sister opened the door and Rankles runs in! My sweet little boy!

I got to go to pre-school with Big Dub the next day! He was the leader that day and also got to do show-and-tell. After school, we went to the apple orchard.

One of the other main reasons I went to Evansville was to babysit my two baby loves while their Mommy and Daddy had a much needed night out on the town! I love babysitting these two little boogers!

Big Dub and I have a tradition....we like to build forts out of blankets and sleep under them! (Truth be told...Aunt Kelbs is getting a wee bit old for this. My back was killing me the next morning. But Big Dub loves it!)

So the minute Mommy and Daddy left, Big Dub and I got to work! We had tons of pillows and blankets and watched The Smurfs! Big Dub kept saying over and over that it was "the best fort ever!" Ahh, that boy warms my soul.

We couldn't leave Baby Girl out of the fun...even though she crashed for the night a few minutes after these pictures. Love that sweet babe.


first show of the season.


On October 13th, I packed up my little Scion and headed up to Lafayette for...

The Hicks Girls's First Craft Show of the Season!!!

We're mixing up our tactics a little bit this year. Instead of doing all-day craft shows that are open to the public, we are doing more and more in home craft shows with other in home vendors (Lia Sophia, Thirty One Gifts, Tastefully Simple, Scentsy, etc.).

I like this strategy a lot better just because I enjoy talking to people and interacting with them...and you don't really get that option at big all-day craft shows.

So our first show of the season was at my college roommate's house up in Brookston. So not only did I get a chance to hock my stuff, I got to spend some quality time with Linz....which I totes love!!

All in all, it was a great night for The Hicks Girls...we continue to grow and grow up in Lafayette, which I love!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

best sister ever.


We Hicks Girls are pretty close. In fact, Big Sister Burgess is my best friend and I lovelovelove her dearly. We actually forget sometimes that most sisters don't have the kind of relationship that we have. And honestly, that makes me sad because I don't know how I would get through life without her by my side. She knows me better than anyone and I am so thankful that God put us in the same family!

Big Sister Burgess is one of the best gift-givers in the history of the world. True story. She has a knack for giving the most personalized and fitting presents! (one of the many reasons I love Christmas time)! Well, this year for my birthday she gave me one of the best gifts..if not the best gift...I've ever gotten.

You see, 2 years ago for Burgess's 30th birthday, I hosted a "party" on Facebook for her. I lovingly called it the "30 Days of Burgess's 30th Birthday" and every day for the 30 days leading up to her birthday, I posted a picture(s) of her from a previous birthday growing up. (Thank you Momma Hicks for always taking pictures of us on our special days!) It was quite embarrassing for her (and for me) but I know she loved it...and I loved looking back through all of the birthdays she has had and how much she's changed through the years.

Well Burg did something similiar, but better, for my birthday. Every day...for 30 days leading up to my big birthday..she had one of my friends/someone in my life/co-workers/etc. post on my Facebook wall "I'm glad you were born because..." I loved waking up every morning and reading the new post. I probably cried more times than I'm willing to admit (of course the three that got me the most were the post from my Dad, my Mom and my brother-in-law).

I seriously am so grateful for my sister. She put so much thought into my 30th birthday (not on the Facebook party, but my bracelet from Tiffany's, my manicure and brunch the next day...everything). One of my greatest fears in life is not touching other people's lives...not meaning anything to anyone. And my sister showed me that I have done that...and I'm thankful for her and for that. :) love you Burgile!!


flirty 30 par-tay.


Yes. It happened. I did it. I turned the big 3-0 on September 4th. And honestly, I was completely stoked for this birthday! I wasn't dreading turning 30 at all...I am excited for my next 30 years (as good ole Tim McGraw would say).

One of my best friends--Sarah--had her 30th birthday on September 10th, so we decided to have a joint party on the 9th at our favorite bar in Indy...Ike and Jonesy's!! We love Ike's mainly because it is great people watching and they play the best 80's music ever!! (and if there is a Bon Jovi song playing in a 20 mile radius of Sarah and I, you bet your bottom dollar we are out on the dance floor!)

Seriously, it was the best birthday ever! We drank, danced, laughed, danced some more...the entire night away. Wouldn't have changed anything about it!!

pre-party dinner and birthday dessert with Best Friend at California Pizza Kitchen. nom.nom.

best friends forever.

birthday girls! flirty 30! and yes, I made us Pimp glasses to drink from all night!

my girls are all here!!

our delicious cake made by my sweet friend Jovanna (her business is called The Cakehole! love it!) The cake was berry lemonade flavor and was absolutely amazing.

sparklers for candles!!

The Hicks Girls! My sister made my 30th birthday the best birthday ever!!

My little sister/Princess Ali came down from Purdue for the festivities. love this girl!!

The Hocketts came from St. Louis. I seriously have the best friends ever!!

Lauren, me and Josh. Josh who gave me the best birthday gift ever!! (well thanks to his little sister Shannon)!

Linds and Steph--my Chicago girls!!

More on this outfit later...but yes, I made the entire thing. From the top to the shoes. By far the biggest undertaking of my life, but completely worth it. I lovelovelove the way it looked!!

love my birthday besty!!!
I hope my 31st birthday is as fun as my 30th!!