Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twilight Party!


Call me 13. Call me a teeny bopper. Call me whatever you want. I don't even care!! But I LOVELOVELOVE Twilight!! Love it. Love the books. Love the cheesy, stupid movie. Love it! (IF you don't believe me, read here.) The best part? My friends not only support this addiction of mine, they encourage it. And they lovelovelove Twilight too!!

Sooo, in honor of the New Moon movie coming out this week (btw, we all have tickets to the New Moon premiere in Indy on Wednesday. Yup, two days before it opens. That's how we roll), I hosted a Twilight Party at my home last night!!

I got TONS of ideas from random internet searching, and the party was awesome!! Everything was red/black/silver themed. Included the punch.

We had chicken enchiladas for dinner (recipe courtesy of my sister!)...because that's a meal that Bella served Charlie one night.
I made sparkly red apple cupcakes to go with the whole apple/Twilight book cover theme. They are delish (Red Delicious and just plain yummy).

No party is complete without party favors!!! (Seriously. I don't think I've met a theme that I didn't love!) I made red/black flowered gloves for everyone, along with bright RED lipstick and nail polish. The gloves are in case anyone ran into Edward or any of the Cullen gang. They are, after all, cold vampires. One must wear gloves to keep warm.

I know, everyone is on Team Edward. I, however, am on Team Emmett. Love me some Emmett. Plus, I have three favorite scenes in the Twilight movie.
#1. When the Cullens are walking into the cafeteria for the first time.
#2. When Jacob and Bella are on the La Push beach and he says, "It's just an old, scary story."
#3. Thunderball. When Rosalie whispers to Bella "That's my Monkey Man." LOVE IT!

Mandy, however, is on Team Jacob. So she was sporting her La Push gear.
Addie is edible art. Always the artist, that girl.

Sarah loves Thunderball too!!
And Lily, sweet Lily, is Renesme! Isn't she so stinking cute holding that apple?! Good to know Sarah is starting the Twilight obsession early!!!

I think it has been decided that this is the FIRST annual Twilight party. Sweet!!!! So excited for all of the movies and the movie premiere tomorrow! Holla!!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Etsy site is up!!



It's up. It's running. You can buy stuff on it. It's ah-mazing!!!

We will be posting more pictures throughout this week...but this is a great way to get a jump-start on your Christmas shopping!! Don't forget...ANYTHING can be customized in a color that you prefer! We will work with you to make sure you are in love with your item!

We're just two sisters who love to make stuff. :)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

26.2 miles. On foot. Here we go.


Finally, some pictures of the marathon! Sorry, some of them are not the best. And if you want the full recap of race day... read here.

Packet pick-up/Expo day. Bib #9874! woohoo! (everyone who was working at the Expo were Marines. It was so neat! They would walk past my dad and say "oo-rah sir!" I love it!!)

This is what 26.2 miles looks like on a wall. Yup, looks far even here.

Miles...the Marine Corps Marathon mascot.

How cute is he!?!? Dad was stationed at miles 17 and 19 (the Memorial Mall). Mom was at miles 10, 16 and 22. It was great! The first half (13.1 miles) I felt great...but I definitely needed the motivation from miles 16 on. It was so fun looking for the yellow signs and finding my parents. If you ever have anyone you know running a race, go out and support them! It does more than you could every imagine!

This is at mile 10. I'm still smiling. I felt GREAT here!!! Little did I know how the remaining 16.2 miles would be.

After the marathon. Using my Dad to help me stand.

Post marathon, waiting for the metro. I'm smiling but I can barely move. I'm gripping on my Mom for dear life.


Washington DC and Baltimore


Yes, I chose to run my very first marathon in Washington DC just because of all the sights. I lovelovelove politics and I lovelovelove this country and I lovelovelove DC. I love the fact that I can go see these monuments and get choked up and feel tons of emotion. I love that these monuments were built in honor of people who loved this country so much that they were willing to make HUGE personal sacrifices for it. I hate that the average American citizen has lost this feeling of pride and patriotism for our homeland. Our motherland. Our country. So DC is a mecca of sorts for me. It feels amazing being so immersed in our culture while you're there. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, you are 100% surrounded by American pride. And I absolutely love everything about it. I joke with my sister that DC is her Disneyland. But I think that holds true for me as well. If you cannot have pride in your past, you cannot have pride in your future. You cannot know where you're going until you know where you've been. And that is what I love so very much about DC.

I flew out to Baltimore the Wednesdsay night before my race. Mom and Dad were staying on Fort Meade (thanks to my Dad for being D.O.D. it's a perk.). On Thursday, we took the metro into DC so that I could see some of the sights. Mom's family is from Virginia--some live in Fairfax and very close to the DC area. It had been awhile since I had been a tourist in our Nation's capitol and I was so excited! There were just a few sights I wanted to hit. I had to go see the WWII memorial. My granddaddy was a WWII vet--Battle of the Buldge where he earned his Purple Heart. He passed away last fall and his death is still very fresh. My family is tried and true American soldiers and I love that. Granddaddy was Army. Poppie, my Dad's dad, was Navy. Mom and Dad were both Army. Patriotism isn't an option for us. It's in our blood. And I love it. I have some very vivid memories of my Granddaddy talking about Army stuff. He didn't talk WWII a lot, but he always had a hat on or a pin or something representing his love of this country. I cannot tell you how proud I am that my granddaddy served our country in the war. One of my memories from his funeral was the playing of Taps, and everyone saluting his casket. Or the Army medallions on the corners of it--one of which my Mom kept. So going to the WWII memorial was the first thing I wanted to do. I wanted to see it. I wanted to go to the kiosk and search for my sweet Granddaddy's name. I wanted to read the quotes engraved on the limestone that spoke of a level of patriotism that my generation is quickly forgetting.

From the WWII memorial, I had to see Lincoln. Being a Republican, this is a sight that every elephant-loving, conservative must gaze upon. I also wanted to go to the Capitol. Spending as much time as I did in and around the Indiana legislature, I wanted to go see it on a grander scale.

Dad was (and is) still recovering from his knee replacement surgery in August. So he let me and Mom just go off on our own to see some things while he rested or read a book (or tried to locate a Starbucks for me!).

Walking from the WWII memorial towards Lincoln.

My mom, her cousin Deborah and I golfing. The golf course where we played had some AMAZING views of the monuments from just about every hole. It was a great pre-marathon destresser.

WWII Memorial with Washington in the background.

Since we were staying at Fort Meade, Baltimore was only a hop, skip and a jump away. I had never spent time there and I love exploring new cities. So we went down to the Harbor for the day. I was carbo-loading but also wanted some serious seafood! (I HEART crabcakes!) While we were there, I shopped (shocking!) and then we toured the USS Constellation, which was a ship used during the Civil War for anti-slave trade. I love history and this ship had 4 levels that you could explore. I loved it!

Me and my dad. Love this man.

Me and my mom with the USS Constellation in the background. I love that we are fun travel buddies!

My Granddaddy's picture at the WWII memorial. He was so handsome. (I cried.)

We love selfies!

At the WWII memorial. Gotta represent the Promised Land :)