Monday, March 14, 2011

once a princess...always a princess


In January of 2003, I was given one of the biggest honors of my life...I was selected to be an Indianapolis 500 Festival Princess! Being a born and bred Hoosier, the Indianapolis 500 race is such an Indy tradition. I was so thrilled to be a part of that experience, to represent the 500 Festival and all of its activities, and to wear the Princess tiara and sash with pride! Through this program, I met my my best friend Ambra, and many other fantastic girls!

Eight years later, I am still heavily involved with the 500 Festival's Princess Program. I serve on the Princess committee and participate in many (many) of their activities. Honestly, I never would have guessed this opportunity would have given me the priviledge of being a part of one of the greatest sisterhoods ever! Once a Princess, always a Princess..and every year, I meet more and more past-Princesses (not former--because you never lose the crown!). In fact, Cat Sadler from E! News is a former Princess.

So a few weeks ago, the newest class of Princesses met for their orientation. Not going to lie...the 2011 Princesses are fantastic! They are so sweet and gorgeous and fabulous! It's going to be such a fun year!

The 33 Princesses (one for each driver) with the Princess Coordinator Co (or Queen Mother CoCo as I affectionately call her!)

Every year, past Princesses are paired with a current Princess to serve as their mentor and help them through the many months of outreaches and tiara-wearing events. This year I have the BEST Princess!! Her name is Ali and she goes to Purdue (my alma mater!)! The best part, I used to work with Ali's mom and specifically requested to be paired with this amazing girl.
(this is right after Ali received her sash and tiara)
I seriously cannot wait for the month of May!!