Friday, November 18, 2011

dance it out Marian University.


I just got finished my largest order to date! 10 earwarmers for the Marian University girls dance team!!!

Check out how cute my friend Katie is (third from the right)! She was a 500 Festival Princess last year and put in the order for her dance team!

Marian's colors are navy blue and gold. I actually love the color combination and think the earwarmers turned out oh-so-fabulous (ifIdosaysomyself)!

I just love that there is a collegiate dance team out there wearing a handmade creation from The Hicks Girls!! (not to mention, they are gorgeous models for me!)


kayla said...

Congrats on your order for the dance team, that's so exciting!!

ktkelting said...

What a creative way to use your talent!!!

Anonymous said...

Those look wonderful! You should make team colors for fans! I'm a Florida Gator fan so orange and blue would be great!