Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the Tatums.


So I was in New Orleans a last weekend for a friend's wedding. (I lovelovelove that city so much, I can't even stand it. But more on that later.) The wedding was simply gorgeous and after the wedding EVERYONE (and I mean EVERYONE) headed down to the French Quarter to watch a little SEC football game...better known as Alabama vs. LSU.

Side note--I love college football. I love that I went to a Big Ten school. I love everything about it. But PS....Big Ten football has NOTHING on SEC football. It's ridick how much people obsess about SEC football. And apparently this game was one of the biggest games. Ever. I had no idea.

Anyway, so we were just chilling on the 2nd floor of My Bar on Bourbon Street (my favorite street) and low and behold. Look who was standing in front of us?

Mr. FREAKING Channing Tatum
Hottie Potottie.
 Yum, he is just as lush in person as in is on TV. And he is so freaking nice. Stood there and talked to us for a while. Just so sweet.

And then, there was his wife Jenna (who starred with him in Step Up). Oh my gosh, she is so pretty and so sweet too. I started talking to her about football. And we had a whole conversation about Indiana and Notre Dame (her parents went there). And then she was gushing about my scarf. Love her. She was so sweet.

ahh, just another reason why I love New Orleans.


kayla said...

Shut the front door!! Gah, he's so meet the most awesomest (ha) people ever!

kelby said...

haha my life is so random!! I meet super fun people but at the most random places and times! He is FREAKING beautiful!

Jovanna said...

Don't forget, we have a date to stalk Channing. :)