Sunday, December 25, 2011

pinot noirleans.


If you know me but at all, you know that I seriously love New Orleans. It, next to New York, is one of my most favorite cities in the country. (Third next to Beijing.) When I was down there in November for my friend Ashley's wedding (oh wait....have I even blogged about that yet?? oops!!), I saw a painting that I knew my sister had to have for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I didn't like the colors...didn't want to pay the money for something I knew I could do myself...didn't want to shove it in my already small carry-on luggage to bring it back to Indy...etc.

But, thankfully I do have a tiny bit of creativity in my bones and thought I'd make it myself!

And make it I did!!

Yes, I know the colors are a bit loud/bright/don't match/etc. But you know what? It's New Orleans inspired and everything down there is colorful and bright and loud and doesn't match and that's part of the reason I love it down there so much!
Pinot Noirleans!

I actually included this painting in a big New Orleans themed basket for my sister! Two bottles of Pinot Noir wine (my favorite), a fleur de lis wine glass and wine cork, a fleur de lis scarf and cookie cutter and some Cafe Du Monde coffee. She loved it!!

Now...I think I need to make myself one...