Sunday, December 25, 2011

stashing thru the snow!


Soooo unless you've been hiding under a rock lately (how cozy can that be actually???) you know that mustaches are EVERYWHERE!! They are quite the rage, and while I don't understand what made them oh-so-popular....I lovelovelove them!

So I thought I'd incorporate this awesome trend into my annual Christmas cards.

Side note--I make my Christmas cards every year. I actually look forward to making them every December and love coming up with new and funny ideas. I always include a cute picture of me and Yankee (until I have kids...people are getting a picture of me and my dog. Deal with it.)

So here are my amaze-balls Mustache cards! I freaking LOVE the way the turned out and have gotten so many compliments on them.

And wouldn't you know it? Thanks to my Silouette machine, these bad boys were super easy to make!

the inside of the card!

Hope you and your family have stashed thru the snow this year!! We haven't gotten much of the white stuff (if any) here in Indy......yet.

Merry Christmas!