Sunday, December 25, 2011

wine and canvas.


I lovelovelove trying new things. And I especially love trying new things with some of my most favorite people. On December 7, my sweet and amazing friend Co Bartel (also in charge of the Princess Program) and her daughter Blythe invited me to join them at a Wine and Canvas event.

It was so fun! We painted Monet's "Lily Pond" and had a freaking blast! It was so easy and I love how the instructors at W&C really helped you paint the best picture you could paint. We had a great time drinking wine, painting and singing along to all the awesome jams they had playing. I'll definitely be making this a reoccuring appointment!

a blank canvas. ahhh the possibilities.

mother and daughter. Co and Blythe.

let the fun begin!

probably my favorite step of the painting process...painting the water.

silly Blythe.

Co was rocking out to the music.

adding the lilly pads.

more details on the lilly pads and adding moss to the water.

almost done!

Our masterpieces are complete!!

Seriously, it was so fun and I love that I have this painting to hang up in my apartment to remember this awesome time with my sweet Co and Blythe!