Friday, November 25, 2011

breakfast with the witches.


A Hicks family tradition the weekend of Halloween is....Breakfast With The Witches at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!

We have lots of super cool things in Indy, but our Children's Museum is by far one of the best in the Midwest. They have absolutely everything a kid could ever imagine to play with...and it's all geared to make them learn as well.

The Breakfast With The Witches is one of our favorite things to do for Halloween. And this year, Big Sista Burgess and I decided to get super festive and make witch-hat fascinators! They were a big hit..and Baby Girl was the world's sweetest witch!

Spiderman and the Sweet Little Witch
Big Dub and Baby Girl!

Aunt Kelbs and Baby Girl
I love this picture because it shows Big Dub's personality so much!


Jenea said...

I love your crochet headbands, so cute!

deserae said...

What an adorable witch! :)

Penny Noel said...

I love the big roses on your hats BUT my favorite is the NOEL as that is my Last name and my daughters first name.


Staci J said...

I'm visiting from TT&J!! Love your shop!!