Friday, November 25, 2011

fun with thanksgiving food.


Ok so let's have a little bit of a confession time, shall we? 

I'm not super fond of spending massive amounts of time in the kitchen. Truth be told, I do like to cook...but it's really not my most favorite thing to do. However, I am excellent at making appetizers. No, seriously. My old roommate, Adrianne, and I would have "Dip Nights" where we would make 6 or 7 different appetizers and just eat them and watch America's Next Top Model marathons. (We're cool.)
However, I do like to contribute to the Thanksgiving meal. My mom, dad and Big Sista Burg are all amazing cooks...and they usually have the meal taken care of. So I told Momma that I would bring fruit and veggies this year.

And bring them I did.
Last year, I made a cornucopia out of breadstick dough. So I made another one this year out of crescent roll dough (both work equally well, I just prefer the crescent roll dough because it smells better when its cooking).

And then I filled that cornucopia with fresh fruit! It was delish and was our centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table!
And I have to thank Pinterest for this one, but I made a veggie tray that looked like a Turkey! It was so cute and so easy to do.
What did you make this Thanksgiving??


Michaela said...

The veggie turkey is just too cute! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway over at TT&J!

Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

that veg turkey is awesome! hi from tt&J

Anne said...

Love the bread cornucopia! Stuffed with fruit, it almost makes me think of a play on a stuffed turkey :)

Connie said...

LOve the turkey.